Ascent Universal Changing Table

The Next Level of Inclusion

Ascent Universal Changing Table

Drawing on decades of innovation and leadership in the public washroom space, Foundations is proud to launch the best adjustable-height universal changing table on the market: The Ascent.

What is a Universal Changing Table?

In the U.S., it's estimated that:


of adults report having some sort of disability



of Americans have disabilities relating to mobility


of Americans report difficulty with independent living


struggle with self-care including dressing, bathing, and toileting


public toilets are available per 100,000 people


Responding to the distinct needs of users, caregivers, architects, and builders, the Ascent universal changing station was engineered for ease-of-use, low-cost installation, and simple maintenance. From its sleek design, comfortable changing tray, intuitive buttons, and simplicity to clean makes inclusive restrooms more accessible for all.

Ascent is the only changing table in its class that:

Is height-adjustable from 16” to 39” with smooth dual-controlled buttons

Can be mounted to most walls avoiding costly and time-consuming retrofitting

Supports a safe working load of up to 500 pounds of weight

Is engineered, manufactured, and warranty serviced in the USA

Has a soft-plunge tray, built-in safety sensor & automatic retracting feature

Is rated for IPX6 water ingress protection for safest, most thorough cleaning on the market



Learn why Ascent takes you to

The Next Level

Ascent was engineered for ease-of-use, low-cost assembly, and simple maintenance.

Whether you are a person with disabilities, a caregiver, an architect, a builder, or a facilities manager, discover why Ascent represents a new level of inclusion.

What is a Universal Changing Table?

Universal Changing Tables (also known as Adult Changing Tables, or ACTs for short) provide safe and hygienic access to public restrooms for individuals who may not be able to access standard handicapped accessible restrooms. This can include: 

  • People in wheelchairs 
  • Elderly people with incontinence 
  • Older children, teenagers, and adults with various other developmental disabilities

Universal changing tables provide safe and dignified restroom access to all. They're essential for inclusion and and can transform the lives of millions of Americans with limited mobility or who need help with daily self-care.

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